Lost days…

In continuing with yesterday’s theme, I bring you more “Lost days”. I work around phones all day, and one of the bosses came in and made the statement, “There are the masters of the phone universe.” I quickly replied that I was still looking for a green cat so we could go off to fight evil.

It took a moment to explain my reference (as I had drawn a blank on the character’s name) but everything quickly came together. We needed our Cringer/Battle Cat so we could fight the evils of the telephone world. A coworker was surprised (“scared” was more along his actual word choice) that I was able to rattle off a handful of the characters from the lost show “Masters of the Universe”.

But lost is relative – it is available on DVD, and they have resurrected some of the characters, but they are not the same. I remember coming home after school or watching Saturday morning cartoons – and playing with the original release toys (of which, I still have all of mine in a box in the attic).

It’s the same kind of feeling… seeking past joys and innocence by seeking the tv of my childhood. After the conversation this morning I spent most of the day skimming through webpages of MotU, some Transformers, and even saw references to MASK, Snorks and Pac-Man (yes, I had cable growing up, and I took advantage of it when I could). I remember watching two different versions of Ghostbusters, and watching Pound Puppies and Dungeons & Dragons; Dangermouse, Duck Tales, Darkwing Duck and GI Joe. I remember the Biskitts, and Galaxy High; Gummy Bears and Hulk Hogan’s Rocking Wrestling. Captain Video and Captain N:The Game Master, Lazer-Tag and the Littles, Rude Dog, and Muppet Babies, The Legend of Zelda and Mysterious Cities of Gold, Smurfs, Transformers and Thundercats, David the Gnome; Bigfoot and the Muscle Machines and a slew of other shows that filled my imagination and my time. (To calrify – I remember watching all of these – but I had to visit a site to actually identify the names… and many more that I just didn’t see the point in trying to retype…)

Yes, I watched a lot of cartoons… and there was always a plot to the shows, and often lasted a full 20-25 minutes (allowing commercial time to fill the 30-minute slot). Many of those shows are footnotes in time, with grainy pictures posted on websites as the last tokens of hours of fun and entertainment; lost keys to explain bastions of imaginary images and creative devices. The smell of freedom from hard core responsibilities like mortgages and electric bills, when cartoons could be watched in the morning and recreated in the afternoon (often with the action figure line of the same cartoon!)!

Oh, to be young again… even with all of today’s cable channels, none of those old shows seem to have found a home… *sigh*

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