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A quiet day, by most accounts… at least through most of the morning. Someone in the office decorated the “holiday tree”, so we are all now able to be enriched with the wonderful joy that is Halloween… only without all of the extra candy (Cue Garfield and the pirate ghosts, “Candy, candy, candy, candy!”).
By lunch, however, chaos decided to run amok (Everybody scream, “Amok, amok, amok!” while spinning around in circles). Our phone systems had some bad eggs for breakfast, leading to loads of gas, dropping of calls and an indefinite period of lags, hiccups and a generally annoying afternoon spent waiting for connections to be reestablished to actually forwarded from our office instead of only receiving them. Just another day…
The redeeming factor, sort of, is that tomorrow is Friday. The catch is that it’s the 13th. So tomorrow while we’re out and about, we have to be very careful to aviod big burly people wearing old school goalie masks… especially if they are carrying macheties.

On the writing front, I’ve continued to flesh out the outline for the novel that I’ve been tinkering around with for a while… In a good way, I’m actually getting a little scared… the outline alone is looking like it may be at least 3-4 pages… looks like I may have plenty to keep me busy for my attempt at NaNoWriMo next month…
Time to adjourn for now, so I can plug away a bit more on the outline before leaving work for the day.
– J


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