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More Monday…

The day has stayed mostly overcast, with a few glimmers of sunlight during the middle of the day. Otherwise, it has been a quiet day here at work, filled with phone calls and lots of staring at a computer moniter… little on the writing front, but I am looking at tackling some of that at dinner this eventing. My wife is getting ready to take the GRE next month and will be reviewing for that, and I will try to take advantage of a little bit of that time to start some of what I am calling the “Origin” story… more of a preface to the novel idea that I’ve been building on.

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A Monday…

Today is Monday. The weather outside is cool and overcast, with a 70% chance of rain today. The weekend attempt to go to Busch Gardens bottomed out… rain for most of the drive Friday to get to the area, then rain almost all day on Saturday (it stopped around 7:30pm, for a pretty clear evening). Sunday was clear and quiet, and an uneventful drive back.
My wife and I awoke this morning to wonderfully cool weather, but unfortunately with the high chance of rain. All in all a good weekend, but as they always are… too short.
– J

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