Almost… but not quite…

Well, I didn’t get a chance to post while I was at work yesterday – between actually working and trying to get some research accomplished for the story I’m developing. Go fig. I was planning on posting something from the house last night, but my computer was acting up and I had to run some scans and try to do some preventative maintenance (guess I need to move more of my media files from the main HD to a remote HD… free up some space for other things to run… ESPECIALLY since I know there is stuff on the main HD that I hardly use…)

So here is “yesterday’s” post. so I almost kept the streak going… I AM starting to get into a writing habit, which is the positive thing, but the target is daily, so I’m not quite there yet… And weekends will be the hiccup anyway… going out of town will put a damper on computer access, c’est la vie… I think that’s how it’s spelled, anyway… I took Spanish, not French… adios!

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