SPT: At the Cliff

Behold, your character encounters this place. How and why?

Let me put that another way: Is the character seeking this place out on their own, discovering by accident, or being taken (escorted/carried) or forced (driven/chased) there? What’s going on – is there a ceremony that’s going to happen there, or some kind of adventure (a jump-off for gliding, say)? Is this encounter the culmination of the adventure, the beginning, or somewhere in the middle?Is the character a native or an outsider?

See the cloud/smoke around it…in your story, what’s down there? Ocean? More rocks and solid ground? Look into the cracks…is there something inside the stone – hidden caves (like a city, monastery, or monster’s lair)?

Now go write…

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Two Steps Behind on MVM

This one was originally a B-side, and found it’s own success after it was included on the Last Action Hero soundtrack. It’s an atypical Def Leppard track when compared to their anthemic hits from the 80s, but it still holds up some 20-odd years later. And, unl;ike most singles from a movie soundtrack, this video inter-cut with footage from the movie.

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Losing Mirra…

Somebody put 2016 on notice…it’s only February and this is getting old.

Dave Mirra died yesterday.

This was an odd double blow. Not only did he live in the area, but he was only two years older than me (for some reason, I always thought he was bit older). I have friends from years ago that knew him or had met him.

As a child of the 80s, I enjoyed building and jumping ramps as a kid, rickety things of stacked old car tires and plywood planks or fencing slats. This was all before the X-games, mind, so when they became a thing while I was in college, I had no objections to watching the BMX or skateboarding coverage when it came on ESPN. Mirra was always there, always flying.

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PF: Seahorse Herd, June 2010


Taken at the Denver Aquarium.

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SPT: Awake in the Woods

Here’s a thought experiment:*

You find yourself coming to awareness, the above being the first things you see.

How did you get there? (Hike in for camping? Teleported in? Jumping [think multiverse/alternate world]? Some sort of crash? Something else…?)
Why are you there? (Vacation? Recon? Running from…something or someone? Something seemingly random**? Something else…?)
What’s you backstory/context? (Soldier? Scientist? Weekend-warrior outdoorsman? Something else…?)

Now, what happens next?

* This will be a repeating idea, but with different images, because it can be fun. For an example of a story that essentially STARTS this way, read Andy Weir’s The Martian. The movie, while excellent, does Hollywood things to the sequence of events, so read the original for this.
** Weird genetic things come to mind, where it seems random at the time, but gets explained at some point during the grand scheme of events. Outlander, or Charles Stross’s Merchant Princes series for example.

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Danger Zone on MVM

It seemed like there was some kind of contractual obligation, in the 80s, that if you needed a catchy, high-energy song for a movie. that Kenny Loggins was the go-to guy. One of the prime examples? This week’s selection is from the Top Gun soundtrack, 1986.

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PF: USAFA Chapel, June 2010


The title is self-explanatory. Judging from the line, there was a wedding going on at the time. I’ve always appreciated the geometry, ever since I saw it in person in 1999.

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