I heard some SRV on the radio recently, and it took me back.

 Back in my ROTC days, there was a guy in my graduating class. We’ll call him Bingo. He was prior service, with, I think, 10+ years in before going through ROTC. He was a huge (HUGE) SRV fan, down to having a SRV model guitar that he would dabble on. ( It’s been 14 years since I last saw Bingo…wonder what he’s been up to.)

Anyway, for the non-fan, there are a couple of key tracks that tend to get the most noteriety, one of which is a cover version of Hendrix’s “Voodoo Chile.”


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Repurposing: Pidhirtsi Castle, Ukraine

It should come as no surprise that I like castles. I mean, come on…castles! One thing that is interesting is the shift in architecture through the additions. Or, if recorded history is available, the change in uses of the structure is also interesting to consider. Pidhirtsi Castle is one of those places (it’s an interesting read, especially the descriptions of some of the details).


You can go here for some more from the gallery above. (Warning: the site’s a little awkward. There’s a link to “show all on one page” that appears to be broken, you’ll have to manually click for each page.) Or go here for Flickr photos.

There’s also a story of a possible haunting: a “Woman in White,” where one of the former owners “buried his young wife. alive, in one of the walls of the palace.

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Gravedigger on MVM

Early in the 2000′s, Dave Matthews did a solo album. The flavor was a little darker than what had been released on the albums with “The Band,” as evidenced by this,  the lead single from that album.


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What’s up Yours? on MVM

I had a Rhapsody membership for years during the early 2000s. One of the discoveries I made during that time came one year around St. Patrick’s Day. May have been 2003-2004 range, but details are fuzzy at this point. I can’t remember if I had specifically searched for Irish/St. Patrick’s day themed music, or if it was a “Seasonal Recommendation” playlist, but one of the tracks was this one, and the chorus has stuck with me ever since. The group is Barleyjuice, and they hail from Pennsylvania (which it the only reason I didn’t use them as a March selection).

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Breakeven (Falling to Pieces) on MVM

Something that I didn’t realize with the amount of radio play this song has gotten since it’s 2008 release… The Script is from Ireland.

This week’s video was their third single (UK), but was the first to be released in the US.

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Repurposing: Newgrange

That’s right: Newgrange. Or, if you’re more commerially minded: Newgrange.

(Or you can go here for a lot of images on Flickr.)

This is perhaps one of the best example of something that can be repurposed into fiction. Mounds, in general, have. Fantasy is the obvious choice, but it could translate just as easily to SF, or Horror…or as a set piece in a mystery.

A unique feature to Newgrange is that, on the Winter Solstice, the sun (still) shines down the central passage into the burial chamber. So many story options to consider, or cultures to create…

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Seven Day Mile on MVM

There was this little movie, in 2007, called Once. It was indie, but was nominated for multiple Oscars (including a win for Best Original Song), and even spawned a Broadway adaptation. At the center of the movie is Glen Hansard’s character, Guy. According to the bonus features (yes, I watch them), the director had originally approached Hansard about writing or using some of his songs for the movie. Hansard, you see,  had been busking since he was 13, and formed The Frames around 1990. (In the end, they essentially said, “This is silly. It’s your music, you should play the role.”)

A few years later, 2009, I’m watching the season opener of House (Season 6), and this song starts playing at the end of the second episode. The voice sounded familiar, and via the power of the interwebs, I discovered it was, in fact, The Frames. This is that song.


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